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- a designer and writer too

Neil Barnes Photographer in West Dorset

• Bridport, Dorset based

• 36 years experience

• Former Chief Photographer with British Gas

• Award winning designer and photographer

• Original and creative ideas



Looking for an all-round creative Bridport / Dorset photographer?


As a Bridport in Dorset Commercial Photographer I photograph PR Events, cover conferences, do portraits, publications, web site and brochure photography, architecture, landscapes and product shots, graphic and web design and creative writing are also in within my repertoire.


More than 35 years experience, having photographed everything from Prime Ministers to Royalty, Celebrities, Sports stars and the average man in the street.


Buildings both interior and exterior, landscapes, corporate portraits, I've turned my lens to virtually anything and everything even cricket bats and hockey sticks!. I also design and create web sites, brochures, leaflets and have a range of imagery that includes the Dorset Creatures collection.

Photographer in Bridport Dorset


I count some very well known PR agencies, companies and publications in my list of clients, they include:


- Financial Times

- Big Issue

- BT

- The Army


- The Variety Club


- Natwest


- Office Depot

- Lloyds Bank

- Oxford University Press

- Ducati

- Hobbycraft

- Willoughbys PR

- McOnie

- Frank PR

- Partners PR

- and many many PR companies and internal PR teams









tel: 0800 234 3610

mob: 07760 669 231

ll: 01308 456352

e: neil@neilbarnes.com

0800 234 3610 / 07760 669 231           PRESS / PR / CORPORATE / CREATIVE       Dorset UK